Kelley & Ping, SoHo, NYC
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212 228 1212 / 127 greene st. soho ny 10012 / map


Opened in 1993, Kelley and Ping continues to draw its inspiration from the bustling markets of Asia. Walk in and you are transported by the sights, sounds and smells of this vibrant SoHo loft space. The menu is based on the classics of Asian cuisine and embellished by the bold flavors of its street food. Lunch is self-service and features soups, wok dishes and salads. The Tea Bar is the feature of the afternoon with a deep selection of Asian teas and sweets.   Cocktail Hour celebrates hand-crafted drinks, artisanal liquors, Asian beers and a thoughtful selection of sake. Dinner relaxes into table service with a punchy menu that is guided by the bold and spicy flavors of Asian street food. All of this is enjoyed at home as well with our fast and free delivery service. "Old School SoHo" meets Asian Night Market, Kelley and Ping has always been both timeless and trend-setting. Join us in our journey.
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